Vaccine Distributions


The time has arrived and there are finally vaccines. COVID-19 has been spreading across the country for about a year now and the United States has reached 500,000 deaths. The creation of a vaccine has finally arrived and people are eager to get the vaccine so that everything can go back to normal.

So far, only front line workers and senior citizens have gotten the vaccine, so high school students are waiting patiently for their turn. Most likely, we will be the last in line to get the vaccine so we might have to wait a while. Senior Sean Miller thinks that High School students will not have to wait more than a couple months to get the vaccine. 

The question is if everybody will get the vaccine. There have been some rumored side effects with it and some people are hesitant to take it. That has caused more companies to make their own vaccine with a higher effective rate and no side effects. Sean thinks that they will find a vaccine that works for everybody eventually. 

Hopefully, this leads us back to normality. It has been a long year and everybody is ready to go back to normal. These vaccines are supposed to have 90-95% effectiveness according to the companies that released them so it should have a positive effect on everybody that takes them.