The Curse of Senioritis


Senioritis is a term used to describe the feeling seniors feel when they are in limbo between finishing high school and moving on to college, trade school, the workforce, the military, and beyond. Riverbend seniors are no different, especially when it comes to graduating during an online era when it’s easy to drop the ball while still getting full credit.

Solomon Jang, a senior, has been experiencing this phenomenon since three months into senior year. “After a couple of months I started to lose my motivation for studying since the more close to graduating the less I felt like reaching it,” Jang states. Senioritis is not an unfamiliar feeling to Jang though. In fact, he has even experienced this in his sophomore and junior years. Jang continues, “Just remember you’re not alone and that everyone is going through the same situation like you.”

Senioritis makes it difficult to maintain good grades because all one thinks about is graduating. Senior Ashlyn White understands this more than anyone. “ I became a professional procrastinator when it came to my assignments,” White says. She regrets not being more involved in school activities and states, “It sucks that the one year of school that we all look forward to, we won’t get to experience in the way we hoped.” This sentiment is why everyone should live life like there is no tomorrow so there are no regrets later in life. 

At this point in the year, to many, school feels almost optional. Mary Hiney, a senior this year, comments, “The better question is how has it not plagued me so far.” She continues, “I feel like it’s bad to say but senior year has left me with no motivation to do anything school related. Turning in assignments late, leaving class early, or sleeping through A1.” It is easy to dismiss this year as a regular case of senioritis, but Hiney disagrees. “I think Covid has disproportionately affected the class of 2021 and we have been plagued with a senioritis we have yet to see before,” said Hiney. In closing, Hiney gives her last piece of advice, “Highschool went by fast so try to enjoy as much of it as you can. This loss of motivation is only temporary; remember that GPA is forever (only during application season).” 

At this point in the year, senioritis is inevitable. Keeping up motivation to finish the year off on a high note has never been more difficult with school online, but it is going to be worth all the effort. Keep up the good work and finish strong.