How Covid Restrictions are Changing School Sports


COVID 19 has changed school sports this year. Fall sports were postponed to either winter or spring and winter and spring sports were abbreviated because of the fall sports. Athletes are missing out on a year because of sports being postponed or abbreviated. Hopefully by next year, sports will be back to normal so athletes can not miss out on another year.

COVID 19 regulations have also affected sports in different ways. Cross country runner Kendra Hull says that although cross country season still happened after being postponed in the fall, it still is not the same. She says that the season is a lot shorter than the usual season, which means a shorter time to run well enough to make districts. She also says that it is harder this season because they run all of their meets at one location, which makes it harder because the runners do not have a chance to run on easier courses. Kendra is looking forward to hopefully having a normal season next year and all of the other athletes most likely are too.