Can you travel after getting a Covid-19 Vaccine?

It’s that time of year again, Spring break is rapidly approaching. Many families have traditions of traveling away from home during the break or having friends and family over but Covid has caused all of that to change. 


Many families, including my own Family, have traveled in the past to the mountains or the beach as a way to unwind and relax with the week off of school, however due to the pandemic, we cannot do so anymore. It was around this time last year that the United States entered lock down and we all quarantined, obviously many things have changed since then and we now have multiple Covid Vaccines going around. Many people are wondering if they can travel if they have been vaccinated. The answer is no. The C.D.C does not endorse travel even with a vaccine. The C.D.C says traveling can cause a surge in cases for those that aren’t vaccinated yet and the C.D.C still says to practice social distancing and mask up if you do go out regardless if you have been vaccinated or not. 


I know it’s annoying to get told that you can’t go out especially since we’ve been at this for over a year but we are almost through it! According to the C.D.C, at the time of this article, the U.S is currently administering over 2.1 Million shots a day! So Spring Break may be on hold but maybe those summer plans still can happen!