What is happening in Myanmar?

All the way across the world in Asia lies a Nation that borders Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, India, and China. It has 54 million people and is the 10th largest country in Asia. This place is called Myanmar. 


Myanmar used to be ruled by a Military Junta until Ms Suu Kyi and her party won the first democratic election and turned Myanmar into a Democracy. A new Election occurred in which the military party lost dramatically against the Democratic Party led by Ms Suu Kyi. The Military backed party demanded a recount and claimed fraud had occurred. The Myanmar Election Commission stated that no large-scale fraud occurred so on February 1st, the Myanmar Military Stormed the Government and arrested Ms Suu Kyi and MPs and announced a year long State of Emergency for Myanmar. The Military Couped Myanmar.

The People of Myanmar are not going down without a fight however, widespread protests and riots are occurring and the people of Myanmar are demanding that Democracy be restored. The International Community have condemned this coup but have taken little action. The United States and United Kingdom have both placed sanctions on military officials but that seems to be about it from the international community. Only time will tell what will happen to Myanmar.