Spring has Sprung


As the weather gets warmer and we get closer to the end of the school year, Spring flowers start to bud and a new hope has blossomed. It is no secret that many students are excited to get outside in the warm weather and be with nature, after spending a year indoors.

Senior Fabiana Miranda can attest to this fact, commenting, “It’s a perfect cool season that’s not too cold, and I love the rain. I also like how pretty the plants look, so vibrant and new.” Having a birthday that falls in Spring is another reason she loves this season, and she looks forward to getting outside and having picnics with her friends. “I always look forward to Spring, there’s something so calming about it,” she explains. If you could not tell by the way she talks about Spring, her favorite season is Spring. 

Abigail Marshall, a senior this year, looks forward to the cherry blossoms and Spring is one of her favorite seasons. “Driving with the windows down. I love smelling all of the flowers and feeling the wind in my hair and listening to the world around me while it passes me by,” Marshall says. Marshall appreciates the use of Spring in literature and film as a symbol for rebirth. Marshall continues, “One of my favorite times of the year is when the frogs that live in the forest that surrounds my house come out of hibernation all at once. One night it is completely silent, and then the next suddenly the earth is alive with crickets and frogs and nature.” Her view of Spring is one of romance and beauty and many students at Riverbend can relate. 

Another senior, Chelsea Lankford, agrees with Miranda’s sentiment, and comments on how this season is special to her. “I can’t wait to go out and enjoy the bright blue skies and the warm weather. It’s important for me to get out of the house to keep my sanity with the pandemic.” Many agree with her and have found that nature is a healing tool to utilize more and more now that Spring is upon us.  Lankford also looks forward to the cherry blossoms that bloom in early April, and her favorite flower is the sunflower. 

Spring has long been a favorite when it comes to seasons, and it is symbolic for new beginnings and regrowth. One must hope that this spring, we will use it as a period of new growth and new beginnings. Like a sunflower, grow up, up, and away!