Spring Break

Spring break came just as fast as it left. Unlike last year, when Spring Break turned into Summer Break, this break only lasted a week and now we’re back like we never left. However, the break looked different for many students. 

For example, Brayden Smith’s Spring Break consisted of “mostly working at the YMCA [and] trying to relax before school starts again.” Brayden also used his break to do some “weight lifting, running, and walking.” He watched some movies, worked on setting up his email for JMU, and made other college preparations. Brayden wanted to “relieve any stress [he] had and then start working again once school started.” Overall, his Spring Break was “fairly average.”

As for Jessica Hanley, her break was pretty eventful. First she went to Ohio to visit her grandparents on her mom’s side. Then she went to her dad’s house and travelled to Virginia Beach! Jessica also “went to a museum, shopped, walked along the beach, and went out to eat.” When asked if she had focused on school or Spring Break, she responded with “both!” She waited for the break to start, but she also had to focus on what she was doing in school. Jessica rates her overall break as a 9/10. 

The news of having an extended Spring Break sounded wonderful last year. But after what we faced, students are glad to be returning back to school once again.