Earth Day


Jeremiah Nohr

Ms. Way at the pollinator garden run by the school’s environmental club

Earth Day is rapidly approaching and our excitement to celebrate Mother Earth is increasing. Riverbend students do a lot in their own small communities inside and outside of school and students should not wait to appreciate our ever-giving Mother. 

Since the start of the school year, the environmental club has striven to do their part in taking care of the earth. As the sponsor of the environmental club, Ms. Way shares her advice for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, “Increase mindfulness of where plastic waste ends up in oceans, within the food chain… and then make conscious efforts to reduce use of plastic as much as possible.” When asked about whether the school should move to more environmentally friendly practices, Ms. Way states, “The school enjoys being a trendsetter for the county. Moving toward more sustainable and green practices would provide another platform to set an example for the county schools and the community.” 

Rachel Marcus, a senior this year, agrees with Ms. Way, stating, “Every little change makes a difference, and maybe Riverbend can set a trend for other schools, and sustainability spreads through many different schools.” For Rachel, Earth Day is important because the Earth has been “so kind to us, and our treatment of it is so terrible. I am glad we have a day to celebrate the Earth.” She plans on taking a walk and gardening with her friends, a nice way to appreciate all that Mother Earth has to provide. 

While it is important to think of pollution and global warming as an international issue, we can still contribute our share and help out in any way possible. Kaeley Barton, freshman, believes that if the school moves in a more environmentally progressive direction, it will add to the negative effects of the wider world wide issue. Barton explains how they plan on spending Earth Day, “I plan to plant some native flowers and to grow them.”

As this Earth Day approaches, it’s important to remember what we can do in our community to help out and give back to our generous world. Picking up trash, planting native plants, and encouraging others to follow suit are all ways we can celebrate.