The Future for Bears


Many seniors have started to figure out what they want to do after high school. Whether it is going into the military, trade school, a career, or college, these students are starting to make these decisions right now. Being a popular choice among students, most seniors that are going to college have gotten into the schools they applied to and should be making their decisions within two months.
Senior Sean Miller plans to pursue a double major in International Relations and Public Policy. Miller says, “the reason I wanted and have wanted to go to William and Mary since I was very young is because most of my family went to school there and I want to follow in their footsteps.” Miller did not choose the school just because his family went there though. “William and Mary has a good International Relations and Public Policy program so hopefully that will help me land a good job after I graduate,” Miller says. William and Mary has always been the school for him so there is no doubt that it is the right choice for him.
Also senior Jacob Goldstein plans to pursue his college education at James Madison with a major in Sports Management. “The reason I am going to JMU is because it has a good program for Sports Management and it is also in Virginia and close to home,” Goldstein said. He also says “I have not wanted to go to JMU my whole life, but I do have a cousin that goes there, so I approached him to make sure I was making the right decision.” Based on what Goldstein said, JMU has the right resources to help him succeed.
Right now, Sean Miller and Jacob Goldstein are at stopping points in their process, due to getting in during the Early Decision and Early Action rounds and having to wait until the schools accept the rest of their students for next year. Miller says that he already has a plan to live on campus but he does not know who he wants to room with yet. Goldstein already has a plan to live on campus and already has his roommates that he was friends with in High School. Most activities or planning that he has to do with college does not open up until summer.
Sean Miller and Jacob Goldstein are trying to figure everything out with college planning. That reflects what almost every high school senior that is going to college is doing at this time. Miller and Goldstein are ahead of most because they applied so early. All of the other high school students are still trying to figure out because they want to go to a college that fits them so they can get the hard work out of the way.