Where Will You Be in 10 Years?


Megan Charette

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? This question always seems to permeate into conversations with older relatives or job interviewers. It is a loaded question, with many different ways of answering. Some saying they just want to be happy, and others saying they just want to be the next Fortune 500 CEO. Regardless of wherever you want to be, one has to take the steps to manifest one’s own future. 

Senior, Ava Poelns, offered their own vision into where they will be in 10 years. “I like to imagine me sitting in one of those big wicker circle chairs with the sun beaming on me in my own house, with music playing or maybe even just silence. I think I see myself being happy with my life in ten years,” said Poelns. “I’m going to work hard in college to make sure finances aren’t an issue for me…I’m going to get my dream house or make one my dream house,” Poelns continued. Poelns has thought a lot about making her own dream house and if given the chance, would move to California or Australia. 

Sharing the same concern, “Are you happy,” is something Ally Juarez, a senior, wishes she could ask her future self. She plans to move to somewhere in the Western United States, preferably Oregon or Colorado, and is interested in living in a tiny house. “I will have a job either as a veterinarian or an engineer. I will also have a pet chihuahua. Maybe more than 1 chihuahua.” She is attending VCU in the fall and cannot wait to make her tiny house dreams come true. 

Being true to oneself is important to keep in mind when thinking about the future. Megan Charette, a senior this year, gives future self some good advice, “Keep being you. I know this world is a crazy place and sometimes it makes you want to rip your head off, but keep strong and working hard. There are always places ahead of you that you can aspire to and reach if you put your mind to it.” Her mentality about growing up is an excellent example that people should strive to achieve. Charette explains, “Frankly, I don’t know what specific job I would try to have after I graduate, it’s more or less up to where life takes me.” Charette will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall, and plans to major in Environmental Science and then possibly furthering her education through a masters degree in Environmental Engineering. 

Everyone has a different idea of what they want to be in 10 years. The trick is growing into that ideal person throughout that time. No one truly knows exactly where they will be in 10 years, but we just have to trust that somewhere along the way, we will figure it out.