Purple Tears

Prince was a popular musician that debuted in the late 70s. He was a singer-songwriter who could play a variety of musical instruments. The beloved musician, Prince Rogers Nelson, was found dead in his home, Paisley Park, in an elevator on April 21, 2016, at age 57.

The cause of death is unknown, but he was feeling ill during recent months. In early April, he had postponed two performances due to him not feeling well. Later on, Prince was taken to the hospital where he battled the flu and dehydration. Although there are many rumors about the cause of death, none have been confirmed. After his autopsy, Prince’s remains were cremated. A will has not been found at the musician’s home, but his sister is still conducting a search.

Prince created 44 albums and many songs; one of his most popular songs is “Purple Rain.”  He went on tour 29 times since 1979. Prince inspired many musicians, and his death was a painful shock to many. There were multiple tributes to honor his death. Snapchat had a purple rain filter that lasted a day after his death and Google had a purple rain animation for one of their logos. For limited time, XM radio has created a tribute station plays Prince’s songs all day. Even buildings were lit up with purple lights to honor Prince. Prince may be gone, but his legacy will continue to inspire music and performers.