Exchange Student

Every year, Riverbend High School hosts foreign exchange students. The most common countries Riverbend has received exchange students from are Germany, Italy, and France. There have been six overall foreign exchange students throughout the years and currently there are two in Riverbend right now. Riverbend’s current exchange students are Max Gerwein, junior, from Hamburg, Germany and Leonardo Tardino, junior, from Rome, Italy. They came to America shortly before school started and is their first time in America.
Leonardo’s favorite class is physics. “It is the most important one right after math,”said Leonardo. While transitioning into classes he stated that is was “easier for me, especially math and physics. I currently take math analysis, but back in Italy, students would be encouraged to take that class.”
“It’s an interesting place here,” states Max, “A lot of new people to meet.” He competed in different sporting events back in Germany, but since moving to Riverbend, he has not joined any. However, he is, “looking forward to play(ing) American football.”
Ms. Haley, Riverbend’s guidance counselor, is the current foreign exchange coordinator. “In order to become a foreign exchange student, a student will have to fill out an application with the foreign exchange company and one as well for Spotsylvania County schools. The requirements for the applicant is to be in good academic standing, and have all of the required immunizations.”
These requirements allow for these students to meet new people and experience unique activities they might not otherwise have known. Even if some of these students do not all speak the same language or have the same cultures, this program is a great way to meet people from different countries and come together as a group.