False Fronts

Bear Block is the time that teachers have willingly sacrificed. For forty minutes every day, students get to pick and choose where they want to go. They have several choices from studying to even working out in Zumba.

When students came back from winter break, there was a new choice from the already extensive list. It is called Sunshine Club and is sponsored by Mr. Lutterbie and Mrs. Roguski.

When students first saw the new option, there were many students who were curious about what it was.

“I thought it would deal with something cheerful and happy because it’s called Sunshine Club,” said junior Danielle Basso.

Turns out, Sunshine Club is another study hall. It’s time where students can get academic help from teachers and guidance counselors.

According to Lutterbie, the school wanted a “cheery name” for the club.

“Our goal as administrators is to reduce the number of classes students are failing. We want to help and support the kids,” said Lutterbie.

Students who are failing are usually pulled to attend the club so that they can receive additional help, but any student can participate.

“We’ll look at why a student is failing and usually it’s because they didn’t do the work. We’ll sit them down and get them to complete it, so that they can turn it in and get a grade,” said Lutterbie.

Sunshine Club is every Monday and Wednesday and the room changes, but a student can check where it is on the Bear Block page.

Once finding out about what Sunshine Club is, many students were shocked that such a cheery name titled a work session.

Many students participate in several extracurricular activities like sports, clubs, or church and can’t get study hall as one of their blocks. With Sunshine Club, students can afford to relax a little more and not stress about not having enough time to get their school work done.