Homecoming Preperations

In the weeks approaching the annual Homecoming Dance, Riverbend students began to prepare for the big day. Dresses were bought, suits were tailored, and the different methods of asking a date to the dance were contemplated.
Although many people still enjoy going to a mall and trying on dresses, online shopping for homecoming dresses has grown in the past year. Sites like Lulu’s and Forever 21 have gained popularity among girls at Riverbend. Most suits are still bought the traditional way in stores like Men’s Wearhouse or Joseph A. Bank. Senior Matthew Hornik bought his suit at Men’s Wearhouse, whereas Sophomore Danielle Steininger got hers online at at Tobi.com.
One of the biggest Homecoming stress factors for many of the students at Riverbend is finding a date. Although some people don’t participate in making a big deal of asking, many students, like Hornik, ask in big ways. “I am going with my girlfriend to the dance. I asked this past Sunday. I had a trail of rose petals leading up to her room and on her bed there was a sign asking her to homecoming with a big balloon and dark chocolate. I also had Bruno Mars’ song ‘Just the way you are’ playing in the background,” said Hornik in the weeks approaching the dance. Junior Paul Vann asked his date by surprising her at her field hockey game with Chick Fil A. A common way to ask is simply with a poster and candy. Senior Kelsey Jackson was asked this way after school. However, not everyone felt the need to go with date. Senior Austin Byrd said, “I am going alone this year, so I can spend my last year with my friends.” Whether with a date or not, Homecoming is always a fun and memorable night.