Aiden Fisher – Future College Football Player


Junior Aiden Fisher celebrates a good play during a Riverbend football game

Junior Aiden Fisher is a varsity football player for the Riverbend football team. Football has always been a big part of Fisher’s life. “I’ve been playing my whole life. I got into football through my family and my dad,” Fisher states. 

Fisher has received scholarship offers to three division one colleges; Harvard university, the university of Pennsylvania, and Columbia university. He and his teammates and coaches are beyond excited for these future opportunities for him. “I was very excited for Aiden to receive opportunities to not only play football, but also earn a degree from an Ivy League institution,” football coach Nathan Yates states. Fisher says he’s glad that these scholarships mean that his family won’t have to pay for his college education. 

Football has created new friendships for Fisher and has also helped shape him into the person he is today. His favorite thing about football is “The bonds I’ve made through it and being able to challenge myself everyday and get better.” Teammates and coaches say Fisher is an influential teammate on and off the field. “He pushes everyone to do better on the field and in the classroom,” junior Zacc Fricchone says. 

When asked about Fisher’s work ethic, his peers have only positive things to say. “Aiden is one of the hardest workers I know. Always trying to improve year round. He is a player who is constantly trying to make himself better in all areas of the game,” Coach Yates says. This work ethic also helps Fisher become an even better leader and role model on the team. “Everyday Aiden comes out with a hard working mentality and he leads other players to play at their max and work hard each practice. Aiden strives to encourage each player on the team to have a positive attitude whether we’re winning or losing,” Fricchone states.

Like most other athletes, Fisher has found that football has impacted his life in more ways than one. “It has changed my life in a way where I [can] concentrate all of my energy into becoming a better player,” he explains. Football also comes with setbacks but Fisher says the most important thing you can do with these setbacks is deal with them in the right way and learn from them.