Riverbend Has Rhythm

Rumors of a Riverbend song have swirled through the halls since the day the school opened. Many of our teachers remember discussing a song when the school first opened but whether or not our school actually had a song and it’s become lost in the years is up for debate.

Ms. Sodergren, the nutrition and parenting teacher, said, “I’ve been here since the school opened and never knew of one.”  Mr. Knappenberger, a freshmen science teacher who works with the school’s band department in his free time said, “We have a fight song that a student wrote and the band plays, but I don’t know of an actual song that we sing.”

According to Dr. Wright, the idea of a song with lyrics was proposed but never officially accepted. However, RHS does have a fight song which the band plays at sporting events and pep rallies. At one time a student came up with lyrics to our fight song, but they didn’t flow properly with the tune.

Although it is a bit of a disappointment that Riverbend has never had a spirit song, at least we have a fight song to show school spirit.