Korean Exchange Students

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May Issue 2018
May 5, 2018

On Thursday October 1, South Korean exchange students arrived at Riverbend High School.  They were only at school for two days, but they made it count.

Each day for bear block they had a presentation, and there was a video about their city, Daegu, which is the 3rd largest in South Korea.  Performances included a traditional fan dance, a Tae Kwon Do routine, and a K-pop dance to Gangnam Style.  They finished with all of them singing in a chorus and two flutes.

The 30 students came over from South Korea and toured the northeast for 10 days before coming to Virginia.  They went to New York City, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; and Washington, DC. They came to Riverbend because the assistant principal for their school has a relative in Spotsylvania, and it was close to the airport they were leaving from.  They visited the United States was mainly to see Ivy League colleges, but they also wanted to see an American high school.  Principal, Dr. Wight, said, “It was great to host students from another country. They were excited to be here.”

These 30 students attended 23 different classes ranging from Chorus to French to AP U.S. History.  Whether they learned and understood it was another thing, but they tried. Mr. Reighard, A.P. U.S. History teacher, said, “I think there was a pretty big language barrier, but I always enjoy seeing the reactions of foreign students to my teaching of U.S. History.”