Big Freshman Class

This year’s Freshman class was big. So big in fact that it was bigger than the junior and senior class. The sophomore class had the most with 512. The freshman class has 484. The Seniors have 470 and the juniors have 454. When added, those numbers up i got a total of 1,929.

When asked about this subject Mrs. Bohnstedt, the guidance secretary about the lunch lines she said “it wouldn’t be an issue because they’ve always managed the lines and have three lunch shifts and the Seniors eat outside”. I also asked about the other school number of students and here’s what i got: Massaponax has more than us about 2,000 plus, Chancellor has 1,000 plus kids, Courtland has about the same amount, and last but not least Spotsy has the least with under 1,000 students.

The sophomore class is the biggest class this year and as a result some sophomores have to go upstairs for their lockers. That is a hassle because the hallway is always packed and some sophomores have to go all the way back down to class.Our rival  Massaponax is a bigger school but they are only a five -A in football while we are a six-A in football but we still play each other.