Hopes for a Normal 2021


2020 was a rough year. Many people thought that 2020 was the worst year of their lives and it was definitely the worst year of mine and many people have had it worse than me. Not much good happened in 2020. Since about June, most people had been looking forward to 2021 and had been counting the days. 2021 has officially arrived and people are hoping that it is far better than 2020.

2020 had downs and more downs. Many people lost their lives and even more lost their way of lives and missed out on things. For me and others, we lost our junior prom, last year of sports events, half of our senior year now, and we have a chance to lose our senior prom and graduation. Senior classmate Jacob Goldstein reflects on the last year. “The last year has kind of stunk. We have missed out on the fun things everybody looks forward to in high school like prom, football games, and maybe graduation. Hopefully everything turns around for the better.” Hopefully myself and all other seniors will get the exit from high school that they deserve.