Profile: Ms. Greenlaw

Ms. Greenlaw is not just an environmental science and earth science teacher at Riverbend High School. Mrs. Greenlaw’s environmentalism goes beyond just her classroom. She owns her own farm.
“My husband and I inherited land from his family. We made it our mission to take care of the land and raise food in an ethical and sustainable way. We moved here in 2012 and started the farm in 2014,” Greenlaw said. “My husband and I were vegetarian for a large part of our lives because we didn’t like how meat was being produced. We grass feed and finish our beef and sell to local people that value the quality of their beef and poultry. ”
Ms. Greenlaw sells eggs to teachers at Riverbend and is very involved with the local community. “We are at the farmer’s market in Richmond on Saturdays and the North Stafford market on Sundays. We even sell to a restaurant downtown.”
Even though Mrs. Greenlaw’s farm is a business, that’s not the only reason she does it. “I’ve always loved watching the seasons change. I love watching my kids spend time outside on the farm and learning about the environment.” Greenlaw sets a good example for future environmentalists in a way that promotes sustainable and ethical ways of producing food.