Riverbend Parking Rules 2015-2016

Driving to school for students is a big privilege since they’ve been driven by adults their whole life, but this a big responsibility on them to get themselves where they need to go. RHS students, who are looking forward to getting a parking spot or already have one, have to obey the rules that are set for Riverbend’s parking lot.

To Get A Pass: Students have to fill out an application in the front office to sign up for a parking spot. The price for a parking permit is $80.00 for the 2015-2016 and $5.00 to replace it if it is lost. Sophomore Kameron Hill said, “The price isn’t bad considering the amount of time our cars are in that one spot.” Parking passes will not be issued to students with outstanding school debt.

To Keep A Pass: The parking lot rules are there for the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Sophomore Jake Gallello said, “The rules are good because they keep our students safe.”The speed limit is 10 miles per hour, and it is in effect on school grounds at all times. Based on the severity of the speeding a student’s privileges will revoked with legal consequences that will follow as well .Students should know the consequences of bringing weapons, illegal substances, and contraband. Students will be subject to disciplinary action for any contraband found in vehicles. Unexpected tardies to school will result in loss privileges for a certain amount of time. Once a student reaches their 3rd tardy they will lose driving privileges for a minimum of 2 weeks.