Holiday Help

Riverbend High School has been involved in Holiday Help with Spotsylvania Social Services for nine years. Every year, in September and October, families who do not have enough money to buy their children Christmas gifts submit an application to request assistance in buying the gifts. The names of the parents and children are kept confidential except to Mrs. Rolling, RHS guidance counselor, who knows their names.

Students who want to help were given however many tags they wanted to take which gave information about the child for which they’re purchasing presents for. The tags gave the child’s gender, age, clothing size, and a wish list of Christmas presents so that the student could buy things that the child likes and is able to fit into.

Riverbend’s involvement in Holiday Help started with the guidance office who coordinates it. They attempted to get clubs, organizations, sports, classes, and students to take tags to ensure they have all the gifts the children asked for.

Other than just buying things for the children, on the 14 of December, guidance had a “wrapping party.” Students came and wrapped presents for the children which will also give the students’ community service hours. On December 15, Mrs. Rolling delivered the wrapped presents to Spotsylvania Social Services to be given to the families for Christmas this year.