Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been dominating their opponents this season. Their record, as of this writing, is 11-1. That is the best record in the NFL right now and many people are predicting that they will go to the Super Bowl and possibly win it. Dak Prescott, a rookie QB from Mississippi State, has been the best thing that could happen to the Cowboys. Before this season, the Cowboys were debating on who would be the starting quarterback: The rookie Prescott or Tony Romo. They decided to go with Prescott instead of Romo. In the preseason, Dak Prescott was outstanding. His stats in the preseason was 39 of 50 for 454 yards with 5 touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns and no interceptions. With those stats and Tony Romo injured, Jason Garrett, the head coach of the Cowboys, named Prescott the starter for the team.

Another reason for the Cowboys success is rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott is a running back from Ohio State and was picked fourth in the 2016 NFL draft. Elliot is the leading rusher. In the 12 games that he has started, he has amassed 1,285 rushing yards with 12 touchdowns.

In Prescott and Elliotts first career start, the Cowboys played the New York Giants. Dak completed 25 out of 45 passes and threw for 227 yards without throwing any touchdowns. Elliot had 51 yards rushing and one touchdown. The Cowboys wound up losing this game 19-20. After that loss, Dak Prescott practiced hard, and for the next ten games, the Cowboys won, facing the likes of the Packers and Steelers.

After all this winning, questions have been raised as to whether Romo be traded or if he will he be the starter if Prescott messes up or if are the Cowboys go to go to the Super Bowl. These questions will be answered in due time. All we have to do is wait.