College Signings

The time has come for the graduating class of 2017 to be looking for a college, applying to college, and even committing to and signing to play a sport for a college. One thing to understand is the difference between “committing” and “signing”. Committing to a college is stating publicly a student athlete’s intentions to attend and play for a certain institution. It is a non-binding, oral agreement between the student and the institution. Signing a national letter of intent however, is a binding contract with an institution that the student athlete is fully committed to going there and playing that sport.

Some students at Riverbend have already signed to the college they have decided to go to. Khailah Griffin signed to Northeastern University for track. Sabrina Isch signed to Chowan University for lacrosse. Amanda Fennell signed to Longwood University for lacrosse. Tyler Tarrh signed to the University of South Carolina at Sumter for baseball, and Rheaghan Horne signed to the Air Force Academy for swimming.

Signing is a big accomplishment; it’s a huge weight off their shoulders for the students working towards the opportunity to sign to a college for the sport they love. It can be long process, but, “it will all be worth it when you know where you want to go for the next four years,” said Griffin. At Riverbend, we are proud of these students for this amazing accomplishment. Make sure to check out Bear Block sign up for more signing events in the future.