Going to Glow?


Let’s go to GLOW! This year SCA has planned to have the Glow dance again, here at Riverbend high school. This will be the second time that Riverbend has done this dance, last year being the first. The dance will take place on February 11, from 7pm to 11pm. The cost for the dance is $10. Students also don’t have to worry about buying a fancy dress or a new tie. This is a casual event, so students can wear what they want as long as it is school appropriate.

Senior Lucia Argueta, one of the SCA representatives, said, “ The Glow dance is a chance for everyone to relax and have fun after taking midterms; just a casual get together with friends and music.” Not only will Glow have music, but SCA also rented a photo booth, for students to take home a little something from Glow. Also, there will be drinks and other refreshments at Glow.

SCA got this idea from James Monroe High School, who did a there glow dance a few years ago. The secret to the “glow” are the black lights located sporadically in the gym, to reveal the glow of anything white or neon color and make it really pop! For $10, students can relax and dance with friends and just GLOW with the flow!