Love Grams at Bend

Every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14.  Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a day to be with those you love.  Many people think of this holiday as a way to show your love with small gifts, chocolate, and flowers.  Valentine’s day is always associated with romance and a way to spend time with their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband.  People who don’t have a significant other, sometimes spend the day with their family and friends.

This year, Riverbend is celebrating with Love Grams made by the Environmental Club.  This is the second year that the club has done Love Grams.  The Environmental Club is offering flowers and candy for students to buy for the people they love.  Students can buy a flower for $3.00, a goody bag for $3.00, or a combination of the two for $5.00.  They can leave a note on the package or leave it anonymous.  This is not only a fun way to show students affection, but also a fundraiser for the club.

Mrs. Way, a co-sponsor of the club said, “Money raised will go towards recycling efforts and will also go toward flower/pollinator beds which the club hopes to implement in the next year.”  The flower beds will serve as erosion control and be available for studying biodiversity.  The Environmental Club has many projects they would like to do, and the fundraiser really helps to get these projects started.  Olivia Askew, senior and president of the club said, “I hope when I leave that they will follow up with my efforts to start recycling in the cafeteria as we were not able to do it this year.”  Last year the club raised $200 and hopes to raise even more this year.