Water Main Break

On Friday, April 21st, over spring break, Spotsylvania County was issued a “boil advisory” after a main water break. The pipe ruptured on Route 1 near Spotsylvania Parkway and Cosner Corner, but the alert was for all of Spotsylvania county to the Thornburg line. The main break left residents having discolored water. Spotsylvania utilities notified all residents in the county of the advisory incase of any bacteria entered through the broken pipe. Zoe Dario, freshman, said, “The water at my house was not affected, but the water at my friends’ house was discolored.”

Parents of the students shared their concerns with Amanda Blalock to see how the situation would be treated at school. The boil advisory was lifted for most of the county Sunday evening. Only the businesses and homes closest to the break still had a boil advisory until Monday morning The returning day of school the last advisory was released and students continued to go to school. Ezra Sims, sophomore, said, “My water was normal, but I heard about the break.” Riverbend was less affected than other areas, such as Massaponax where many locations had no water for a few hours Friday morning.