Book Drive

The National English Honor Society will be holding their annual book drive from December 5 to February 6. Mrs. Olsen, an English teacher and NEHS sponsor said, We will be collecting all kinds of books and genres, as long as they are lightly used and not magazines or flyers.” They will even be collecting comic books and graphic novels. Participation has gotten increasingly better each year, with about 300 books collected the first year to about 1300 collected last year during the 2015-2016 school year.
The books are being taken to Richwood High School in West Virginia, who lost their library to a flood this summer. NEHS President Dylan Letellier said that the entire school is currently using the middle school as a temporary facility. They hope to repair the high school or at least be in trailers by February 2017.
Boxes for book collection have been placed in all English classrooms. A few boxes will also be placed outside of school at local stores and businesses. The boxes will be labeled with instructions and what kind of books are excepted. To raise incentive to bring in books, the National English Honor Society will also be giving out free donuts to the teacher’s classes who bring in the most books. With this in mind, if you want to both help others and get free donuts this holiday season, be sure to donate your gently used books to the National English Honor Society Book Drive.