Pennies for Patients


Student donates to “Pennies for Patients”

The National Honor Society organized “Pennies for Patients” in February. The fundraiser collected money to help fight blood cancer. Combined with previous years of numerous clubs raising money for blood cancer, Riverbend has raised over $3000. This year, to help reach their goal of $999, the club utilized the many students at Riverbend with musical talent. Before school in the library, musicians at Riverbend busked, which is when musicians perform for money or donations. Students had the opportunity to enjoy the music and donate money in the musicians’ cases or hats. There were also collection boxes in classrooms and during lunch in the commons. Head Librarian, Mrs. Keith, said, “We have a lot of talented students and a lot of students who want to encourage them, and, in this case, to help fight blood cancers. The theme, Pennies for Patients, is tailor-made for busking.”
Students who donated over $2 to the cause received a sticker, and those who donated $5 dollars or more received their names on the library window if they went to either Mrs. Keith or Mrs. Longenecker. A website was also offered for anyone who wanted to donate with a credit card. However, any kind of donation was welcome, even pennies. Sophomore Naja Mulagha said, “I donated because I had loose change and nothing to do with it. I figured giving it to a good cause was better than just wasting it on something I don’t need.” The fundraiser would not have been successful without the many Riverbend students who generously donated to a good cause. Keith said, “It is the student body and the supportive staff that made this so successful. This has been a team effort.” This year, Riverbend collected over 1400 dollars.