New Clubs At The Bend

With the 2017-2018 school year starting, now is a great time to consider the various clubs Riverbend High School has to offer. The Red Cross, Yoga Bears, and Beacon Club are just a few new clubs that were added. With these additional, there is clearly something for everyone.
Clubs during Bear Block are an effective way for students to get out and meet new people who share similar interests. “It is a good opportunity to relax, relieve stress and anxiety, and work on your mental, emotional, and physical health in school,” said Mrs. Spagina, head of the new club called the Yoga Bears. Getting involved with things you feel passionate about can make for an overall positive high school experience as well as getting involved with your community can be a rewarding experience. The Red Cross and FCCLA are just a few clubs that would give you these opportunities. The FCCLA club is a club for develop and to excel for students. It helps students prepare for the work force. If creativity is what you are interested in, our school offers Photography, Guitar, and Literary Magazine clubs.
If these clubs don’t interest you and you are willing to start your own, you can. To start a club, you must complete the application along with the Constitution and By-laws form from the school website. If you don’t know the By-Laws form is the rules or how the club is going to be ran. Once you have completed that, you can turn it into Mrs. Keith in the library. William Meikle, a senior, is awaiting for the approval for a filmmaking club. He said, “I’m very passionate for filmmaking and writing. The idea of a club came out of nowhere and the more I thought about, it made me really want to create the club.”
Take some time to explore the various clubs that Riverbend has offer and try to find a club that fits your needs. Remember; colleges look for involved students. Surround yourself with people and activities that will make your high school experience a positive one.