Candy Grams

Have you ever wanted to buy candy for a good cause? The Riverbend Red Cross Club recently sold Candy Grams on October 23 through the 27th. The proceeds will be sent to the American Red Cross and they will go towards the victims of the recent hurricanes.
In the last couple of months we have encountered a number of devastating hurricanes that have left people without a place to live and no money in order to buy the things that they need. Riverbend has found a way to raise money for them and help them in their time of need.
The Candy Grams are a great way to help raise money to aid the American Red Cross in their effort to raise money to help the victims of the recent hurricanes. The Red Cross Club is making an effort in order to benefit our communities and help the people that have just lost everything. President and co-founder of the Red Cross Club, Grace Hart, says “The Red Cross will be hosting a card making initiative on November 9th and 10th in honor of Veterans Day (Nov. 11). A station will be set up on those days during all lunch blocks. All Students are encouraged to make a card or write a letter to honor our veterans, as we will be delivering the cards to a veterans’ hospital shortly after the event.”
Thanks to everyone who participated in the effort to help raise money to help people in need. Riverbend plans to host more fundraiser in the future.