From mediocrity to greatness

Every NFL season is usually pretty predictable with the good teams usually being great and going far while the bad teams are mediocre and fade away until the next season. This year however, several teams are doing really well despite them having a reputation of being bad in the past. This shows you that with the usual bad teams they want to win more now than ever and this season is now very unpredictable.
The teams that are doing really well this season are the Los Angeles Rams(7-2) who was 4-12, the Jacksonville Jaguars(6-3) who were 3-13, the Buffalo Bills(5-4) were 7-9 last year, and the Philadelphia Eagles(8-1) who was 7-9 last year. The reason I picked these four teams were because to me and many others, have improved very much this season compared to previous seasons and their record reflects that.
In an interview with an Eagles fan, Dylan Barnes a senior said, “The eagles are doing way better this year because we finally got wide receivers who can catch.” When asked about how far they will go this season, he said with excitement, “We’re going to the Super Bowl.” With the record they have and a strong overall team, the Eagles may very well go to the Super Bowl.
Mr. Morello a history teacher and a Bills fan, said,”Being in a division with the Patriots is very hard, but with the team we have, I have faith in us getting to the playoffs.” The Bills have so much potential around them with a Super Bowl winning QB in Tyrod Taylor
The reason why the Jaguars are doing well this season because of their stacked, young defense and offense. Their defense is ranked 3rd overall compared to 27th last year and number one in rushing yards per game compared to 22nd last year.
The Rams are ranked third for total offensive yards per game with 388.90 compared to last season when they were in 32nd and number five in rushing yards per game compared to 31st last year.
Even if these teams don’t make the playoffs or get very far, their fan bases will still be supportive and happy with them becoming better. Either way, it is a work in progress and for these teams, this is the start of something they have not seen in a long time; success.