French Language Week

National French language week was the first week of November. This is a national celebration of francophone countries, which are French speaking countries, around the world. Many places around the world do activities during this week such as having people try new foods, having celebrations, and playing popular games from France.
Things that are appreciated during this week from the francophone countries include games like petanque, which is typically a group game in which one person throws a little ball, called a boule, and each player or team has other balls to throw to get as close to the boule as possible; whoever gets theirs closest will receive a point, this game is played until 13 points are collected for a player or a team and it is a very popular game in France. People also celebrate with other things such as foods like croissants and macarons.
At Riverbend, we celebrate this week every year and many activities occur throughout the week to help learn about and experience the French culture. This year, there was a Bear Block cheese tasting available to everyone, as well as a French game day and rock painting after school on November 8th and 9th. Some students painted rocks while others played games. The painted rocks were hidden throughout the school, and whoever found them received a prize. The students who were in French club also got to have a French breakfast on November 13th. Students also had a French Appreciation Day on November 10th when they could wear buttons or French shirts, if they did either of these they received “euros,” which are used in their French classes to earn points. Madam Marshall, the Riverbend French teacher, decided to try something new and hold a bake-off with French desserts after school on November 14th, which was available to all teachers and students. During the event, everyone voted on the best dessert and the winner received a prize. Shannan Marrs, junior, won the bake off by making clafouti, which is a southern french tart. Marrs said, “I decided to use the Julia Child’s recipe for the bake-off. The recipe was super simple.” Along with all of these activities to appreciate the culture, on the morning announcements every day of the week, there was a French trivia question and the winners also received a special French prize. The prizes all week consisted of French chocolates, Eiffel Tower keychains, and other items from France or French inspired.
Overall, there were many activities which both students and teachers got to enjoy. Madam Marshall said, “The responses were great and everyone had a fun time.” Many students attended the events and got to try lots of new foods.