Best Dishes

Pre-made, Walmart brand, rotisserie chicken. The unskilled chef’s best friend. With this three pound hunk of delicious, roasted poultry and my article, you will change from being a competitor on “America’s Worst Cooks” to a professional on “Chopped.” When the in-laws are in town, you will now be able to impress them with your top chef skills or cook a romantic meal for your significant other, if you are into that type of thing. All you need to be able to achieve this is the ability to read and access the to deli at your local Walmart.
The first step to becoming an Iron Chef is locating your nearest Walmart. Next, drive to the store and when you enter the store the deli is on the left side. When you walk over, look for the heating window, on the lower rack will be black and clear containers with the chicken. The chicken comes in a few different flavors including Original, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic. The flavors are correspondent to the colored label, along with the flavor is a time. This is when the chicken was cooked, for the best chicken reach to the back and find the freshest one. Finally, take the bird to check out and go home.
The next step is to find a recipe that suits your taste buds. Virtually anything can be done with chicken. From buffalo dip to fajitas, one ingredient that remains the same is the chicken. The best part about this ingredient is that it can be used throughout the meal. It can be in a dip, salad, main course, and even dessert! Many of the recipes you can find online are super simple and still taste amazing. There are many recipes on that you can make with the chicken and other ingredients you can purchase at the store. You can even filter the response by cuisine and diet if necessary.
Overall, Walmart’s rotisserie chicken is delicious. It’s is a versatile dish that can conform to any dietary needs. All that is needed is to remember the three main steps and you can become a master chef. Buy the chicken, prepare the chicken, eat the chicken. The only group of people this would not cater to is vegetarians, but even they might be persuaded if they tasted true perfection.