Sauces: Opinion Editorial

This year in the cafeteria, the staff added to and adjusted their menu. Due to the new food catering company, the variety of options has multiplied. Having all new food called for another new thing in the cafe, sauces. Along with the old ranch and barbeque, the new sauces are the jerk ranch, sriracha mayo, garlic lime, and ginger sauce. Riverbend has stepped up the quality of the lunch with these great add ons. With the availability of the self serve option, students are able to create unique flavor profiles that were not previously available to them.
The new sauces are appealing to many pallets. The Sriracha is more for those who enjoy adding a light kick to their meal. Adding the Sriracha to a chicken sandwich or one of the hand crafted subs is sure to please. The jerk ranch is delicious. It is not spicy but is more like a cool ranch with a nice seasoning. It is a great dipping sauce for french fries and tater tots. The garlic lime sauce is delectable. It has a creamy base with garlic mixed in. To freshen it up, there is a hint of lime. The garlic lime is a good addition to pizza, chicken sandwiches, or even fries. Finally, there is a ginger sauce. This is a sweet sauce that pairs nicely with the asian cuisine.
Overall, school lunch has been greatly improved by the addition of sauces and new food. With Riverbend allowing students to create their own plates with the self serve sauce table, there is an infinite combination of flavors for people to try. Great job spicing things up Bend; keep it saucy.