The Departures Of The Trump Administration

As we to dive into the frequent and strange departures of those who were involved in the Trump Administration, we question and wonder what it is like to be a part of President Trump’s team. I feel as if this is a soap opera and every episode is someone being killed off for some unknown reason. It’s dramatic, shocking, confusing, and just plain strange that everyone is randomly booted off. Obviously this is not a T.V. show, but when it comes to President Trump, one can’t help but see the theatrical impression he leaves. Listed below are the former officials who have either been fired or resigned. Of course not every single person is going to be listed since there is about 30 staff members who have left, but like a good T.V. show, the most important ones will be highlighted.
After President Obama left the oval office and President Trump took his place, staff members who worked under the Obama administration transferred over to the Trump administration and continued their former roles. One of those people was U.S. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, who was an Obama appointee. When Trump took office, he was not too keen on keeping the people who worked under Obama to continue their roles and it was clear that he was not going to let anyone stay of whom he did not personally approve of. In January 2017, Trump placed the controversial travel ban on some muslim countries and many seemed to lose their minds over it, including Sally Yates. She refused to implement the first version of Trump’s ban, so Trump, shockingly enough fired Yates on January 30th. She ordered the Department of Justice not to defend Trump’s executive order on his immigration ban resulting in her departure.
Another subject that is still overly discussed in the media was Russia’s involvement with Trump. When National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, was accused over his role in Russia, there was push back from the media to investigate the allegations involving Michael Flynn and Russia. The Trump administration was forced to fire Flynn on February 14th when it was revealed that he lied to Vice President Mike Pence regarding the extent of his communications with Russia.
The least shocking of the departures was FBI Director James Comey. When President Trump came into office, it was certain that Comey was going to be let go. The fact that Comey was appointed by Obama was enough reason for President Trump to terminate him, but what led Comey to be fired after only 110 days of working under Trump was the way he handled Hillary Clinton’s email server. During the 2016 Presidential election, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was accused of wiping out her personal email account after Wikileaks released everything that was in her emails. The two main causes for the firing of Comey was he dismissed the case over Hillary Clinton and the claim that one of the members of his campaign team colluded with the Russians in last year’s elections. On April 15th, James Comey did an interview with ABC News to talk about his experiences with Trump while he was FBI director. He has recently written a book called “Higher Loyalty” that captures the time he had while working beside Trump. He said,”The title [of the book] comes from a bizarre conversation I had with the President in dinner at the White House in January of last year, where he asked for my loyalty personally as the FBI director.” The interview further explains Comey’s discontentment towards Trump as president and the grievances he has with him personally.
The list of staff members who have either resigned or fired is endless and it seems that the list will continue to get longer in the next couple years. What is happening inside the Trump administration is a mystery to everyone except the people who are now no longer there. It’s not certain what will happen in the near future in Trump’s White House. For now, the Trump administration is going to keep offing people and it will be the most dramatic administration in presidential history.