BEAR Squad Contest


This year, there is a great deal planned for Bear Squad. A t-shirt contest is just one of the events upcoming to encourage school pride among Riverbend students. The t-shirt contest is open to all students and t-shirt designs will be due by Friday, August 31st. Bear Squad leaders reviewed the information about this contest the first week of school during Bear Block.
“Tomorrow we’re revamping fresh start and playing games with the freshmen to help them feel welcomed,” Sophomore and Bear squad mentor, Abigail Marshall, states. Bear squad mentors were chosen who demonstrate leadership and school pride.
This contest was created so the students could have more investment in school activities. The planners, which include Mr. Lutterbie and Dr. Wright, of Bear Squad wanted to do something with t-shirts and decided over the summer to have students design the t-shirts for each homeroom.
“The students have more ownership of it,” Mr. Lutterbie said. According to Mr. Lutterbie, all they are looking for is a creative black and white design that says Bear squad on it.
The t-shirt contest is just the first thing the school has planned for this year and they have upcoming events the school is planning now. “We’re going to do some art stuff, like painting the bathrooms, painting the stairwells. We’re also going to be doing a color run in October,” Mr. Lutterbie said.
More school events are being planned for this school year, and they are intended to show Bear pride. Mentors are leading the t-shirt contest, and giving out information to each homeroom to promote the contest. Reiley Matthews, senior, said, “I think it’s pretty cool that each homeroom will have a t-shirt, hopefully this will make Riverbend have more pride.”
“For Bear Squad I’m excited for the competitions we’ll have and also because I get to meet people I never would’ve talked to because we take such different classes,” Marshall said. Bear Squad has provided a positive experience for many students around Riverbend, and the t-shirt contest will too.