Managing Stress and College Apps

The beginning of the school year can be stressful for everyone. It is challenging juggle school, and specifically for seniors college applications and tours. To get prepared for college, has many tips such as:

Before completing application;
-Get Organized
-Start early. Set deadlines for completing essays, collecting recommendations and filling out forms a few weeks before they’re actually required.
-Be consistent. Using the exact same name on all your forms makes things easier for admission officers.
-Be careful. Careless mistakes on your application can hurt your chances of getting accepted.
-Alert your school. You need to let school officials know which colleges you’re applying to so they can send along your transcripts. And after completing the application;
-Don’t wait. Anything that needs to be mailed, including your application itself, should be sent in several weeks before it is due.
-Submit once.
-Keep copies. Make a copy of each piece of each application.
-Get confirmation.

Even with checklists plans, students can’t help but be stressed. At Riverbend, yoga club is being offered to help manage stress. Club President, Ericka Melendez said, “We are trying to provide bearblocks for people who need to just relax while at school. Yoga can be extremely stress relieving and benefits mental health.”
Along with yoga, some students have dealt with the stress of college by attending the senior bootcamp after school information session. This session included information of how to use the Common Application, get in contact with colleges to send all necessary documents for applying, and provided information about using Naviance. Some students are the first ones to apply for college in their families. Katie Clements, who attended the session said, “I found senior bootcamp very helpful and I feel more confident applying for college now. It’s not as overwhelming.”
Students have to make sure they are eating enough, sleeping enough, and taking time for themselves to maintain balance and focus. Viany Ortiz, said, “A lot of my friends have been very stressed because we got our SAT scores back, and so now we can finally apply for colleges. It’s pretty exciting.” Nerve wracking for sure, but applying for college can be an exciting experience for a fresh start.