RHS Showcase- Isaac Ferguson

Isaac Ferguson, a Senior at Riverbend, has had his share of challenges in life. His vision is impaired, which he combats with glasses to help him see letters, numbers, and other small objects. He has also has had a number of surgeries, including a surgery to remove his right kidney.
Despite these challenges, Ferguson is determined to stay positive. He consistently finds the bright side to negative situations. “Always stay positive and think happy thoughts,” Ferguson said. He has found some things that keep him happy. Ferguson enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and dancing.
His family and friends help him every day with constant support when needed. “My mom and my dad help me tie my shoes, my mom cooks my food, and my mom helps me do my laundry. My friends make me smile,” Ferguson said.
His teacher Mrs. Wilson, admires his positive attitude that he brings to class everyday. “He is joyful, dependable, honest, and he is a good friend,” Mrs. Wilson said. She has had Ferguson as a student for almost four years, and this year he will be graduating from Riverbend. She feels that the attitude he brings to class inspires other students and his teachers. “I think he brings encouragement to other students,” Mrs. Wilson said.
There are infinitely many ways in which Ferguson has proven to be a good student and person in general. “He tries. Whether it’s hard, whether he feels up to it. He never gives up,” said Mrs. Wilson, “He’s just the epitome of joy.”
Ferguson is a joyful person, with a positive attitude and a kind personality. He doesn’t let things get in the way of his happiness, which is a model all Riverbend students should follow. “Have confidence in yourself,” Ferguson said, “don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love.”