AP Issues

Taking an AP class is a great way to challenge yourself. AP classes are college level classes that can be very demanding. Sometimes students realize they are not prepared to take these classes and feel they need to opt-out or take a different course.
It would seem simple to drop out of the class, but for this year, that does not seem to be the case. Lindsay Anderson, a junior, expresses her grievances of opting out of an AP class. “I had to maintain a work life and I can’t work when I’m taking too many AP classes. It’s hard because I won’t have any time for homework.”
Ms. Haley, guidance counselor stated, “The protocols for AP classes have always been the same. We want [the students] to be there for a couple weeks to get a feel for the class. This is for the student’s best interest.” If a student still does not feel comfortable in that class or his or her teacher feels as if it would be better for the student to switch to a lower level, that teacher can then work to help that student reschedule for his or her benefit.
Ms. Oesterheld, a mentor for students who take Virtual Virginia, an online course that Riverbend offers. “If you decide to take one of their classes, you need to tell your guidance counselor by March and there’s a form for requesting to take it. Enrollment opens sometime in late March or early April and if you’re not enrolled in some of the courses, they fill up. They close enrollment August 1st next school year,” Ms. Oesterheld said, “Riverbend for the most part only let them [students] take online classes that are not offered […] the only other option is if there is a scheduling conflict, they’ll let them take online classes.”
There are a couple online classes that students can take if they are looking for a subject that Riverbend does not offer or if they have conflicting schedules. Students can take these classes through Virtual Virginia or Edgenuity. Ethan McCeue, a senior has been taking Virtual Virginia for two years now and is currently taking personal finance, AP World, and AP Comparative Government all online. “The assignments I can do pretty quickly- only an hour and a half of each block. After that I have time to chill. The hardest thing about it is that teachers don’t coordinate the tests well, so I could be taking all three tests in the same week.” Ethan said. Online classes can be a good fit and viable option for students who are self-motivated and who can excel without assistance. With these new options, students now have the opportunity to complete required classes without leaving home.