Debate Team

The Riverbend debate team is starting off strong with many members interested and willing to learn. Team sponsor, Mr. Garrison said, “The interest is strong, but we won’t know how they do until the state competitions in the spring.”
Many members have bright eyes going into the competition season. Keegan Fredrick, senior, said, “I’ve been in debate for six years total and my favorite things about debate are the moments where I can voice my opinion. I really like politics and seeing the different perspectives of an issue.” Fredrick is competing in the congressional debate this year. She said, “I love meeting people in debate that I see throughout the competitions. I’ve met some really great friends at debate competitions.”
Another member, Drew Letellier, has been a member of debate for three years of high school. Letellier said, “My favorite thing about debate is the crossfire. It allows the match to be won or lost as you prove your point to the judge.” Members of the debate team like doing this activity for various reasons.
There are also many members that have only been in debate for one or two years. Addison Dempsey, freshman, said, “I’ve only done debate one year in high school, but my favorite part of it is writing the speeches. I’m excited to really compete in the bigger tournaments later on in the year.” Shelby Campbell, sophomore, said, “I love the interaction of debate. I’m very excited to get better in debate and maybe win something.
The debate team looks promising for this school year. Mr Garrison said, “I’m looking forward to mentoring the freshmen and making them winners by their senior year.”