College Visits

Preparing for college can be stressful for students. To help make things slightly less challenging, Riverbend invites college and universities to send representatives to host information sessions. “I attended a few college visits, I found them to be very helpful and definitely made the college selection easier,” says senior, Lindsey Wilson. These meetings are held at during bearblock and are open for all students to sign up for them.
Schools such as William and Mary, James Madison University, and Radford University have been showcased at Riverbend. Being able to talk to real people from the universities and colleges helps lessen the anxiety of soon to be graduates. Many topics are covered during the course of the meetings such as; scheduling, academics, experiences and much more. “It was nice to hear the people talk about their experience at the school and being able to ask questions as soon as I got them,” says senior Stephen Weresnick.
Having the ability to ask questions in real time, assists in smoothing out the process. “I think that it is a really good tool for kids looking into after-high school education,” says senior, Cheyenne Bicknell. Junior, Angel Arevalo comments, “I hope that the college visits are still a thing next year when i’m a senior. I see other kids benefiting from it and want to take the opportunity next year to prepare myself for college.” We hope to see things continued through the following years. Overall, having colleges send representatives has been beneficial and enlightening for students here at Riverbend