Leading the Bears Down the Field


So far this year Riverbend’s Varsity football team is 4-0.  Leading the team are the 5 captains Conner Booren, Eric Byrd, Tristen Burnett, Bernard Webb, and Zach Sims.

Eric Bryd, one of the senior captains, starting Quarterback and punter said, “I lead, serve the team, and throw touchdown passes.”  He believes that this year, since there is more throwing in the offensive game, the team is more dimensional and harder for their opponents to keep up with.

Conner Booren, also a senior captain, is a starting wide receiver.  Booren said, “We are family and the pentagon is strong.”  “The Pentagon” is the nickname given to the wide receivers.  Each day the football team practices hard and creates a game plan.  Booren said, “It’s the grind.”

Tristen Burnett is the other senior captain who plays linebacker and tight end.  Burnett said, “The big difference from last year is that the team is now adjusted to the coaching staff.  The coaches have a good system and mentality.  Our defense this year is young, but we love to fly around and just hit people.  We are all very aggressive and find the ball.”

Bernard Webb, one of the junior captains who plays linebacker and defensive end said, “The junior class has been playing together for a long time, so we bring a sense of unity to the team.”

Zach Simms is the other junior captain, who plays both offense and defense.  Simms said, “This year’s offense is more balanced than last year because the new offensive coordinator, Coach Brown, is extremely two dimensional.  He likes to be aggressive, but also throw and run the ball equally.  This year we have some really good senior and junior leaders that help the team work together to become a playoff team.”

As captains, they all show leadership through their actions and words.  They pick up the team and motivate them to do better.  Come out and support your bears every Friday!