Book Drive Brightens Lives


The Riverbend National English Honor Society is hosting a book drive February 5 through March 14. The book drive is spread out through the community, with donation boxes located in local dance studios and general hot-spots like Starbucks. The NEHS split their members up into three different committees for the event led by officers: Secretary Allison Weiderhold is in charge of box decoration; Vice President Hannah Carse is in charge of the advertising; and co- Treasurer Caroline McNichols is in charge of pick up. Junior Lauren McCaffrey, on the advertising committee, said she believes that it will be a success because they are “spreading out past the school.” NEHS’s president, Sherry Ann Morgenstern, is confident that the book drive will be successful, saying that the organization “is composed of many dedicated members. Everyone seems intent to bring the drive to a victorious conclusion.”

All books will be donated to the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Children’s Hospital, whose mission statement is “the health of all children is our number one priority.” The hospital staff gives a book to each child when they are discharged from the hospital.