Riverbend Pilots An Internship

The school year is halfway through, and it is time for students to begin picking their poisons for the upcoming school year. Students are advised to take classes that are challenging, but at the same time manageable. So, if you are constantly on the road for sports, you may want to give extra consideration to multiple AP classes.

This year, Riverbend will also be piloting a new program for Spotsylvania County called Library Science Independent Study (LSIS). Mrs. Keith said the program is intended to allow students to “develop skills that help them be college and career-ready: reading, writing, and communicating.” The classes will max out at 24, with two or three students per block. Applicants should be independent, creative, able to work in small groups, and demonstrate leadership and communication skills. Selected candidates will be working with project-based learning in books, databases, Web 2.0 tools, digital literacy, transliteracy (the ability to communicate through multiple mediums), and genres. The course will count as one elective credit. Ultimately, Mrs. Keith said, “I hope the program will develop an appreciation for what the library has to offer.”

The program has been implemented at other Virginia high schools as well. A student in Chesterfield, Virginia from Thomas Dale High School said, “The program has given me a lot of skills I’ll use in real life.” Students from the school offer similar appraisals in terms of the program’s success.

Students interested in applying can pick up an application in the library or contact his or her guidance counselor. Applications are due March 7, and any questions about the program can be directed to Mrs. Keith or Ms. Wonsik.