Sochi. World’s Most Dangerous Olympic Games?

Sochi. Worlds Most Dangerous Olympic Games?

Last week, Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced that his $51 billion in security precautions has made the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi the “safest sports complex in the history of the world.” But how true will his statements prove to be?

President Obama recently echoed Putin’s words about the security, but he and other world leaders have opted out of attending the Olympics. This is rare among prominent world leaders because leaders use this sporting event as time to rub elbows and speak with other nations’ representatives. Many experts see the leaders’ avoiding the games as a lack of trust in the security precautions.

During the Caucasian War in 1834, Russian Tsars were looking to invade and conquer Caucasus, a prominent Muslim trading nation. Russian and Muslim fighting forces met in battle in what is now known as Sochi. During this battle, Caucasus forces suffered heavy losses. This battlefield in Sochi has become a sacred ground for many radical Islam groups. Putin has decided to build the Olympic Complex on the battlefield, infuriating radical terrorist groups in Russia and the Middle East.

In December, terrorists bombed a Russian metro station near the city of Sochi, which resulted in many fatalities and increased the worry of a possible attack during the games. Black Widows, or the wives of killed terrorist fighters, have vowed to avenge their husbands’ deaths at the Sochi games. Russian Police and Anti-Terrorism units have begun the task of hunting down the Black Widows and securing the perimeter of the complex.

In addition, American law enforcement agencies have offered their assistance and have begun setting up task forces and plans in the event of a terrorist attack. CNN recently polled regular Americans about the likelihood of an attack at Sochi; 57% said they believe terrorist will strike at the games this year.

This added tension and possible danger at the Olympics will definitely be an added dynamic in the already fragile diplomatic relations. It will definitely be something to keep up with and pay attention to as the Olympics go on.