Señora Sumner Mentor of the Year

Señora Sumner is the RHS Mentor Teacher of the Year, a teacher nominated and selected for superb teaching in mentoring new teachers. Dr. Wright and other administrators surprised Señora Sumner in her class with balloons and cupcakes for the students.

Señora Sumner sees herself as a mentor in that she loves teaching and learning. She said, “I am the person who comes along side of someone, a new teacher in this case, and helps this person begin their journey as a teacher. I’m a listening ear. I offer help and support. I am a cheerleader. When I was a new teacher someone came along side me and helped me begin my journey. It’s a privilege to finally have the opportunity to pay it forward.”

For teachers and students who seek to be everyday mentors, Señora Sumner said, “Being a teacher is hard work and very demanding. When I focus on the positive things about the job, I realize that I love what I do and I can’t help but want to share that with someone else. The same applies to students. Positive students who are serious about their studies and love RHS are going to be the best mentors.”

Mentors are essential to the development of future students and teachers. As the school year draws to a close, remember to thank someone who has made an impact on your life – teacher or student.