Anna “Giving” Gleason


Anna Gleason, a freshman at Riverbend, has recently been honored for her excellent volunteer work with a Certificate of Excellence from the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.   She was also awarded with a President’s Volunteer Service Award granted by the program on behalf of President Barack Obama. The program honors young people across the nation for their exceptional volunteer work. The Certificate of Excellence is awarded to the top ten percent of Prudential Spirit of Community Award applicants in every state and DC. This fall, Anna was selected for this nation-wide honor for her extensive volunteer services.

Anna has participated in other volunteer opportunities but it wasn’t until she decided to start a club with her friends that she became serious about it. “A few years ago my friends and I started a club to benefit animal shelters. Then we started working with the international organization Shelter Box which delivers supplies immediately after disasters to places worldwide,” said Anna Gleason. Anna’s mother recognized her dedication to her charities and thought others should know about it as well. “I didn’t even know about the award, my mom contacted the school about my volunteer work and together they nominated me for the award.”

Anna is a reminder that everyone should participate in selfless acts like volunteer work and that hard work and dedication won’t go unnoticed.