River-Bend It Like Beckham

This spring, the Boy’s and Girl’s soccer teams will be representing the Bears on the field, with a goal of winning. Riverbend has two very strong teams this year that are going to compete for a championship.

For the Boy’s team, they had a very good season last year, but there is room for improvement. .” Last year, the team was strong on the defensive side of the ball, however the offense struggled.  Junior Gaven Jelinik, who has played on the varsity team since he was a freshman, said, “This upcoming year, we need to work more as a team, and score more goals offensivelyThe team is eyeing a championship because they have an experienced team of almost all juniors and seniors. With the team’s experience, and coaching by Coach Stack, the team shows a lot of promise this year.

On the Girl’s team, it is a different story as far as age. The girl’s have many underclassmen playing on varsity for the first time, so the team shows a lot of potential to be great now and for years to come. This year, Mr. Wessel is moves up from JV coach to Varsity coach. Mr. Wessel said,” It is a completely new team from last year, with many freshman and sophomores. One thing the team must do is come together and play like a team.”

Overall, both teams look very strong for the long season that lies ahead. Riverbend has a tradition of being great at soccer, and it seems as though this year will be no different.