Keeping Up and Keeping Track

For the 2014 spring sports season, the Riverbend Bears have hired a new track coach, Anthony Wallace, 34.

Wallace said that he “coached 5 years as the Short Sprints & Jumps coach at the University of Mary Washington.”

Since Wallace isn’t a teacher at RHS, he travels to the school from his job at GEICO everyday to coach.

According to the new track coach, “I was asked in the past to come coach but I wanted to take a break after coaching at UMW for five years.” When the track coach position opened recently, he decided to take the opportunity.

Wallace said, “I wanted to help Coach Olson and work with several of the athletes that attended the school.”

While Wallace helps coach the entire track team, he specializes in coaching the sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers.

“I feel that I am qualified because I have coached athletes at all levels, from first year track athletes to seniors in college,” said Wallace.

            After working at RHS for only a short time, Wallace already enjoys his job.

“I like coaching at Riverbend because of the potential of the athletes and their work ethic. If the athletes can continue working the way they have during the first week, they will reap the rewards of hard work.”

Last year – according to the head coach Mrs. Olson – despite not winning any track meets, the team sent two athletes to states and one to nationals. This year – depending on their success in practice – Olson hopes to send a relay team to states.